What is IP Tracking?

Airlines and airline ticket comparators on the Internet use a system called IP TRACKING that tracks your search for airline tickets and then shows you the higher fares than the previous time to entice you to buy.
In order to avoid this, here are the solutions depending on the browser you use for your Internet searches.
First thing to do is to update your browser if this is not done regularly.

To navigate incognito

Set up your browser to surf the internet incognito. These tips do not affect your browser in any way.
Code airport Bogota – El Dorado : BOG
Code airport Medellin – José-María-Córdova – MED
Cartagena Airport Code – Rafael Núñez – CTG


Go to the menu SAFARI / Private Navigation
Vous basculez alors sur une fenêtre et une icône apparaît dans la barre d’adresse comme sur la photo ci-dessous
Private browsing Safari against IP tracking


Allez dans le menu Fichier / Nouvelle fenêtre de navigation privée.
Ici, une nouvelle fenêtre s’ouvre mais rien ne vous indique que vous êtes en privé.
Toutefois vous l’êtes bien.


Cliquez sur l’icône du menu Chrome située dans l’angle supérieur droit de la fenêtre du navigateur.
Select New private browser window.


  • Explorer 8 – Click on the Security button and then on In-private Browsing
  • Explorer 9 – Click on the Security button and then on InPrivate Browsing
  • Explorer 10 – Perform the following keystroke combination : Ctrl+Maj+P

When to buy your plane tickets?

  • Between 10 and 14 weeks before your trip, this is the recommended period for international flights.
  • For Christmas and Easter, it is advisable to start 12 to 14 weeks before.
  • For school periods, the earlier the better.
  • November and January are the cheapest months of the year on average.

Airfare prices frequently change on the same day and throughout the week. Favour Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday mornings to buy your tickets: the prices tend to be lower.

But it’s probably best to register on sites that offer alerts such as Algofly, Kayak, Liligo.

Best websites to buy your plane tickets


Beautiful, practical and intuitive interface

  • PLUS: manages the alerts and shows you the lowest prices over the year
  • LESS : Invasive pop up windows


A nice and popular comparator

  • PLUS : manages alerts, several languages and currencies
  • LESS : not the best


We no longer present the oldest comparator, which remains a must.

  • PLUS : manages alerts
  • LESS : lack of flow

Cheap tickets

Very efficient American website.

  • PLUS : practical and intuitive
  • LESS : rates in dollars


International website

  • PLUS : possibility to change your currency and good rates
  • LESS : does not manage alerts and ergonomics to be reviewed

Direct flights from Europe to Colombia


Madrid / Bogota: daily
Madrid / Medellin = daily

Air France

The most faithful company in the history of Colombia.

Paris / Bogota = daily.


Amsterdam / Bogota = daily


Madrid / Medellin = daily
Madrid / Bogota = daily

Air Europa

Madrid / Bogota = daily


Francfort / Bogota = daily